Open the text editor when click the button in table control

By Phani Diwakar, Yash Technologies

The requirement is for every combination of vendor and contract number, payment term text should be maintained in the Z-Table. This payment term text is opened in text editor so that user can enter long text (more than 500 characters). To achieve this, we put the button in payment term text field in table control and whenever user clicks on button text editor will be opened.  

Step1: Create Z-Table with name ZCONTRACT with the following fields.  

Step2: Create the table maintenance generator for the above created table ZCONTRACT (Please refer  

Step3: Go to SM30 and provide the Table/View name created and click on Maintain button as shown.  

The following screen will appear.  

Step4: Now we have to add the field payment term text as follows.

Now open the table ZCONTRACT in change mode and go to table maintenance generator as shown.  

The following screen will appear.  

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