Table Control using Wizard in Module Pool Programming

By Venkatraman N, IBM


The readers must be able to create a module pool program and they should be familiar with screen programming.  

Purpose of this tutorial:  

This is to demonstrate the step by step tutorial of how to make use of table control with wizard, where the developer’s effort to write code with table control without wizard is avoided.  


Table control with wizard is the control provided by SAP, in which the users are not needed to code separately for table control operations. It generates automatically system generated code for the following table control operations.  

  1. Insertion
  2. Deletion
  3. Scrolling
  4. First
  5. Last
  6. Next
  7. Previous
  8. Select
  9. Select all
  10. Deselect
  11. Deselect all  

Step 1: Create an internal table and work area, which we are going to deploy in table control.  


Step 2:  Create a screen called ‘9000’.  


Input the screen number as 9000.  


Fill up the screen attribute values.

Step 3: Go to the layout of the screen, where you can find the table control with wizard. Drag and drop the table control with wizard to the layout of the screen.  


Once you drag and drop the control a popup will appear.  


Press Continue. In the next screen enter the table control name as ‘TBC_9000’ or your own name.  

In the next screen you input the internal table and work area which has been created earlier.  

Note: Before it is done, you must activate the page, in which you have declared the internal table and work area. Then only this table control screen will take its properties.

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