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Graphical View of Transaction Code

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


In this article, we will find the graphical (hierarchical) view of source code for any transaction code. This will be helpful when we want to analyze the existing transaction and make the further changes on it. In order to indentify the sequence of events and flow of code, we can use the utility called “Call Graph”.

More about the utility……..

Let’s take the example to understand how it works and how to use it. Go to SE93 and enter any transaction code and then click on Utility -> Call Graph.

After that the output screen will come as follow.

Click on (+) sign and expand the event flow as follows.

We can see that the screen 1000 is the initial screen for transaction code CC02. In PAI event, we have further modules. Let’s say we want to implement the customer exit we can expand the structure as shown in above screenshot.

In order to understand the concept better, let’s take one more example. We will create z Transaction and then we will see its graphical structure.

This is test report and created for demo purpose. Just created a transaction for this report in order to view its graphical structure.

Sometimes we may just need to understand the flow of program and without debugging it’s quite difficult to understand it. Hence, by looking into the flow diagram we can get some basic idea on how the program flow is.

Important point to be noted here is this utility will be not useful for parameter Transaction. In case of parameter transaction, it will simply display transaction name and its description.

Note: This is very basic information and one can go in more details of it based on his/her requirement

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