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Working with Sub screens

By Sravanthi

  • A Sub screen is nothing but a screen with in a screen.

  • Displaying of data of one screen (sub screen) in the other screen (normal screen) is done by using sub screens.  

While Creating subscreens following points need to be considered.

  • GUI status cannot be set to the sub screen.

  • OKCODE is not applicable to the sub screen.

  • Sub screen cannot call another screen.

  • It cannot contain AT EXIT-COMMAND.  


  • You can call multiple sub screens in the same area and is done dynamically during runtime by using variable screen number.

  •  At any given point of time, only one sub screen can be called in the sub screen area.  

In this Scenario we use same subarea to call two subscreens within the normal screen.

Normal screen (0100) -> Customer Number

Subscreen (0110)->  Bank Account Number

Subscreen(0120)-> Name and Country Details  

Step1: Go to SE38. Create a Program Zdemo_multiple_screens.

Step2: Create Screens.

Screen 0100 à Normal Screen

Screen 0110 à Sub screen

Screen 0120 à Sub screen

Right Click on the program name à Create àScreen

Step3: Give the Screen number as 0100.

Step4: For Screen number: 0100.

In the attributes tabà select the screen type as: Normal

Step5: Similarly create screen 0110.

Step6: For the screen number: 0110.

In the attributes tab à select the screen type: Sub screen

Step7: Similarly create screen 0120.

Step8: For the screen number: 0120.

In the attributes tab à select the screen type: Sub screen

Step9: Screen Number (0100) à Go to layout à to design screen elements

Step10: Drag-Drop the 1) Text element attributesàName: Customer Number

                                               Input field attributes àName (KNA1-KUNNR)

   2) Subarea element attributes à Text: SUB

   3) Button (Display) attributes à Text: Display & FCT code: DISPLAY

   4) Button (Exit) attributes à Text: Exit & FCT code: EXIT  


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