Include a structure more than once in a database table

By Rajesh K Sahu

Prerequisite: User should know how to create a table and a structure.  

Scenario: We are trying to include the same structure more than once in a table.  

Use: This may be useful in certain scenario like if we need to maintain Temporary and Permanent address in table. For this, we will define all address related fields in a structure and will include this structure twice in table.  


1)     Go to tcode SE11, create a table as per requirement. In our case, table is  ZTESTTABLE where we will include the structure.  

2)     Again, using the same tcode, create a structure as per requirement. In our case, structure is ZADDRESS_TEST that contains the fields related to address.  

3) Now, include the structure created. Here we have included structure ZADDRESS_TEST into table ZTESTTABLE.  

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