To Create a search help with provision to select multiple values

By Harshita Varma, Tata Consultancy Services

This document explains how user can select multiple values from a search help. Moreover the search help is made with the help of an alv and in the search help exit logic is written which would cater to  the multiple selected entries in the search  help.  

Step 1. Make a program in SE38 named ZSEARCH_ALV and write the following code in it.


 Create a screen say 100 for that program.In its PBO module , set the pf status and title and then write a subroutine f4_for_zwels in the main program.


Write the following code in the subroutine  f4_for_zwels.  

Select zlsch and its text field from the table t042z and fill  the field catalog accordingly.  


As we have to include the checkbox field in the alv in the selectable mode and to present the checkbox column in the first position , we have to write the additional code.  


Now we will us ethe function REUSE_ALV_POPUP_TO_SELECT  to bring the search help in the pop up format providing the values in our internal table . 

As the user now has the provision to select multiple values , we need to provide these value to a variable .For that we will write the required logic. Here we will export the selected values to a memory id. 

In the PAI module , write the following code.  


Create a tcode for the above program named ZF4_zwels.  


Thus our search help designing and managing the values is completed.  

Step 2 . To make the search help.Go to se11 and create a search help named ZSEACRH_ZWELS

Create a search help exit named ZSEARCH.    

In the changing parameters of ZSEARCH , write the following parameters.  

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