Attaching search help in module pool programming

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant

Introduction :

Search helps provide field entry help for the user executing an ABAP report or SAP program. They are accessed via the small button available on each individual field or by pressing the f4 key while editing the specific field. Once the search help button has been pressed the user is presented with a popup dialog box containing the search fields available for that particular SAP search help. Any data known can be entered into these search fields to help find the field entry value the user is looking for.

This article will elaborate you how to add custom search help in module pool programs.


1.       Create screen with the required fields.

2.       Say we need to attach the search help to the field GATE ID.  Create GATE ID as Input/output field

3.       Double click on the input/output field, the Screen Painter attribute window will appear:

4.       In Dict tab pass the search help which you have created at SE11 in the Search Help parameter:

The arrow symbol will appear into the input/output field :


5.       Activate and execute

Press F4 or the symbol, your search help screen will appear.

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