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Append Search Help

By Prasanna, Infosys


This is to enhance the collective search help. This appending object is enhancement with an append search help


Without modifying the existing collective search help we can add search helps using append search help.

This is kind of enhancement of search helps. If you want to modify standard search help in that case it will be more useful.

Step 1:

Go to the transaction SE11

Enter the collective search help name in Search help field for which you want to add append search help

And choose Display.

Step 2:

Next screen will be displayed.

In menu bar GoTo -> Append search helps

Step 3:

A popup will be displayed saying that currently there are no append search helps assigned to this collective search help “ZAPP_SEARCH”

Choose continue

Step 4:

A dialog box appears in which you want to enter the name of the append search help

Choose continue button

Step 5:

Next screen will be displayed to create append search help.

Enter the description and choose save and activate it.

Step 6:

Now the search help is appended to the collective search help.

Check below screen shot.

The appended search help is displaying in different color to show the difference.

Note: Search help exit is not assigned to append search help

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