Working with Screen Painter

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions


 Screen painter is a tool in ABAP dev workbench used to create the screens using the

T-code SE51. In the screen painter, you can define the following interface elements with their associated attributes.
1. Input/Output Fields
2. Field Names
3. Checkboxes
4. Radio Buttons
5. Group Boxes
6. Sub screens.
7. Pushbuttons with No Fixed Position

and others 


Create a Z program in SE38. 


Click on Save. We will write the code later in this. 

Go to transaction SE51


Enter the created program name and screen number

 Enter the short description and click on save. 


Click on flowlogic tab. 


Uncomment the statement “ MODULE STATUS_0100 “. 


Double click the “ status_0100.”

The below screen will be displayed,

Click on yes.


Following pop-up screen appears. Select the “zdemo_screen_painter”  “main program” and click on continue.

Click on yes.


Screen would be displayed as follows: 


Now come back to the transaction SE51. Select flow logic. Click in layout. 


Screen painter window will be displayed like this. Here we will design the required screen fields.

Click here to continue...

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