Screen Exit in CJ01

By Tejaswini

This article details about the step-by-step procedure in implementing the Screen Exit for CJ01 transaction:

First create a project in CMOD  and attach the enhancement CNEX0006 to the project.

  1. Go to se11 and in the PROJ table u will find ci_proj include , in this add the required custom fields.
  2. Go to se51 give SAPLXCN1 in the program name with screen number 0600 , create the subscreen and in the layout choose Dictionary./Program fields and drag and drop in the screen .
  3. If u want to write any logic before the screen is displayed do it in PBO.
  4. Now in the function exit EXIT_SAPLCJWB_002 , go in the INCLUDE ZXCN1U11 and write this logic
    move-corresponding sap_proj_imp to proj.
  5. Now in the function exit EXIT_SAPLCJWB_003 , go in the INCLUDE ZXCN1U12. and write this logic
    move-corresponding proj to cnci_proj_exp.

    Activate the project .

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