Defining a Range in Module Pool Program

By Kishor Kumar, Oxient Technologies

Introduction: This article will discuss in detail how to create a Range in Module Pool Program.

Requirement and scenario: Before breaking the ice, I would like to describe kernel of the topic.

When we create a range, at the same time create an internal table then it have four components …

·         Sign

·         Option

·         Low

·         High

These all four component have the corresponding value.

Steps to be followed: 

Step 1 : Create a program in SE38 and program type should be Module pool (M type) after that save & activate the program .

Step2: Go to transaction SE51 and write the same program name which you have created in SE38 and then create screen for program.  

Step3: Select Screen type as Normal Screen, after that click Layout button

Step4: Choose one text field, two input/output field and box for background.  

And  give the  input field  name similar to MLOW and  MHIGH.

Step 5: Now go to SE11 and create search help for input/output field .

Step 6 : Create search help .

Step7: Now go to SE51->Layout-> and fill this search help name on both input/output attribute windows.  

Step8: Now go Flow Logic and double click on module User_command_9000.  

Step 9 : Define user_command_9000 in main program .

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