Custom Parameter-id Creation

By Abhijit Daptary, Capgemini India

Step1: Creation of parameter ID. 

Parameter ID can be created in the table TPARA. Just enter the name of the parameter id in the table and that parameter ID will be created. 


Go to the table maintenance generator of the table TPARA and go to the Maintain button through the transaction SM30. 

Enter the table view name TPARA. 


Click on the maintain button. The following information will appear. Click on the Tick button or the ENTER button to go to the next screen. 


Enter the Set/Get parameter id as the parameter ID you want to create. Here, I will be creating the parameter Id as ZNAME_DATA1. Click on ENTER button. 


It will ask for the text of the parameter Id. Enter the text of the parameter ID and click on the Save button. 



Enter the Package and the transport number. 

The parameter id can be seen in the table TPARA. 


Step2: Using the parameter Id that you have created. 

Now go to the SE11 transaction for creating a data element and enter the parameter id at the Further Characteristics tab at the parameter Id section. 


Activate the data element and use it with the program. It will act the same good as a standard one.

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