How to maintain log for custom tables (Log Maintenance in CDHDR & CDPOS tables)

By Rahul Mehta, Tata Consultancy Services

1. Create one Z table ZEMP_TABLE.

The table consists of three fields EMPID (Employee id), ENAME (Employee name) and ELOC (Employee Location).  

2. Create the Z data elements and in the further characteristics tab of the data element tick the check box change document.  

3. Now Go to T-code SCDO. The screen looks like as follows.  

Click on the create button.  

4. The following screen appears.  


Provide the name of the change document object.  


Click on the continue button and stored the object in a package or as a local object.  

5. The following screen appears.

Provide the Text and the name of the table.  

Click on the insert entries button.  

6. The Following screen appears.  

Save it.  

7. Now click on back button, the following screen appears.  


Put the cursor on the change document object ‘ZCHOBJ’ and click on ‘Generate Update Pgm’ button.  

8. The following screen appears.  

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