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Hiding and displaying screen elements/fields in Module pool Programming

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant

Let’s see the example to hide and show screen elements based on the radio button selection in module pool programming.


1.     Go to SE80, create sample module pool program.

2.     Create screen with two radio buttons and desired fields as below.  (To create radio buttons in module pool program, please refer tutorial Radio buttons in Module pool programming). Let’s say we created a screen as below.

3.     When user clicks the Header radio button, we want to hide the Billing item text and I/O field. Also we want to display the text back, when user clicks Item radio button again.

4.     Double click on billing document text field; screen painter attribute window will appear. Assign group to the billing Item text.

5.     Similarly, assign group to the Billing item I/O field.

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