Executing Function Modules sequentially using SE37 Transaction

By Bishnu Dash, Bristlecone India

Introduction: Most of the time ABAPers tests different RFCs/BAPIs/FMs in SE37 Transaction before the use in their program. Sometimes it is very difficult to execute multiple RFCs/BAPIs/FMs in SE37 if there is a dependency between two or more FMs. Here I am showing one example for creating QUOTATION using SE37 which requires 3 FMs for creating the same.

1.     Go to SE37 and give the Quotation BAPI Name (BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2)


2.     Then Select the function module from menu and click on Test Sequence


3.     Give below two BAPIs which is has to execute sequentially for creating quotation.

Click on Execute.

4.     Then the next screen will show you the BAPI BAPI_QUOTATION_CREATEFROMDATA2 where you need to pass all the required Input parameters for creating quotation.

After passing all the input, click on execute.

5.     After execution of 1st BAPI, then click on BACK button from tool bar. Then it will take you to the 2nd BAPI automatically.  


Then execute the 2nd BAPI. Now your quotation is created using SE37 without writing code in SE38 for do the same.

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