Adding transaction code to the user’s favorite list using Function Module

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant Technology Solutions

There is a very interesting function module, with the help of which you can add your favorite Transaction code to your or other’s favorite list.

The interesting function module name is ‘GUI_ADD_TCODE_TO_FAVORITES’.

With the help of this you can add your most frequently used transaction codes to the favorite list. You can add any customized transaction code as well.

Please go through this and enjoy adding any SAP Transaction to your favorite list and navigate directly.


1.     Go to transaction SE37 and enter the function module name GUI_ADD_TCODE_TO_FAVORITES.

2.     By default the Transaction_to_add will be SE37 and User_name will be SY-UNAM.Pass the desired Transaction code, username, no_par_tcode = ‘X’ as below and execute the function module.


The transaction code will be added to your favorite list, you can navigate from here by clicking on it.

Note: You can add transaction code to the favorites list for other users as well.

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