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How to do documentation for the Programs?

By Sailaja Tadikonda


Create Documentation to the Report, Include and Module Pool Programs through Tcode SE38.


It will be under stable to everyone what exactly the program is doing and all the parameters, methods used inside the program. And also what will be outcome of this program.

Step 1:

Create a simple program through transaction SE38

Step 2:

Write the below code

PARAMETERS: p_name TYPE char10.

        titel     = 'Show Details'
        textline1 = 'Entered Name is:'
        textline2 = p_name.

Step 3:

Execute the program.

Selection screen will be displayed as below. Enter value of the name as “SAP”.

Choose Enter Button.

A popup will be displayed as below.

Step 4:

Now we create documentation for this program with all these details.

To create documentation go to transaction SE38, select “Documentation” radio button.

And choose “Change” button.

Step 5:

Next screen will be displayed as below.

Step 6:

Enter the text as specified below

And choose save button.

A message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen as below.


Step 7:

Now go to SE38, enter the program name and check the radio button “Documentation and choose “Display”.

A popup will be displayed as below.

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