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How to attach documents to an ABAP Program

By Anirban Bhattacharjee, KPIT Cummins and Infosystems

In this tutorial I will show you how to attach documents to an ABAP Program and display them when required.

Uses: You can attach the detailed documentation of the program, execution instructions etc., with screen shots.

This will help the end user to know more about the program and will not need to look for documentation in a separate repository.

Advantages: The process is very simple. The documents are transportable.

So you can do your changes in the Development System and then transport to the quality and production system.

You can attach a wide range of documents like Word Document, Excel Sheets, PDF and Text files and many more, including pictures.

Step-by step process (PART 1 and PART 2)


Execute transaction OAOR or run report BDSFIND_1. You can also use transaction 0FPM002.

At the selection screen for Class Name enter PICTURES, Class Type OT and Object Key will be the name of the BDS Document.

It can be any name or the name of your ABAP Program.

Here I am calling this document ZBDS_TEST_DOCUMENTS.

Press the F8 key now to execute this program.

The next screen looks like this

Now we will expand the “Standard Doc. Types” tree under the CREATE Tab

We will upload our files. For test purpose I have created a number of documents ranging from PDF, Word, Excel, JPEG etc.

Here I will show the uploading of only one document. The process is similar for all other documents.

Select “Attachment” and double click on it

Here I selected the document named “Word Document”. Click on OPEN after that on the pop-up

Click here to continue...

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