Debugging Popup Screen in ABAP

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant Technology solutions

Debugging in ABAP for ABAP developers is a vital requirement during building application in SAP systems. There are numerous ways to debug ABAP code or debug SAP screens for ABAP developers. But many ABAP programmers who are new to ABAP development may not know how to debug popup screen in SAP platform.

Once you go through this document you will be able to debug the any pop up screen without any problem.

1.     Create a notepad file with below details :


Then save the above text file as a batch file. You can name it as debug.bat for example.

2.     Now open the popup screen which you want to debug. Let's assume that you want to debug output processing log screen for an invoice output

ABAP debugging tips to debug popup screens in SAP

3.     Now drag and drop debug.bat batch file from your Windows desktop onto the modal popup SAP screen.
Then the SAP GUI will inform you about the debugging status with message "Debugging switched on"

SAP screen debugging switched on

4.     Now you can easily activate debugging screen in ABAP on the modal popup SAP screen.

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