Debugging Update Task and Background Task

By Ansumesh, IBM India

Debugging is a very common topic when we talk about ABAP.I am assuming all reader’s reading this topic knows how to debug a dialog task (foreground) or do normal debugging.  

Some time we come across such situations where we need to debug Update task and Background task also. I have tried below to explain the procedure for same.  

Steps to debug Update task  

Let’s create an Update module in SE37 like below.  

And simple code inside update module.  

Now let’s create a simple program through SE38 and call this FM in update task.  

Once we execute this program, FM ZUPDATE_TASK will be called in update task and immediately it will be registered in VBLOG table on priority basis.  

Note it will not get execute until unless control reaches to COMMIT WORK statement as shown above.  

Once control executes COMMIT WORK, the above registered FM in VBLOG table will be called and gets execute.

To debug our update FM we need to switch on Update Debugger in debugging mode



If we do not perform above activity, update module will get execute in the background and we would not able to see it in the foreground and debug the same  

Now let’s execute and test the same. Execute program ZTESTPPL and see.  


And in next step Update debugger screen will open as given below.  

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