Scheduling background jobs from the selection screen

By Vineesh Batchu

1)      Introduction:-  Scheduling background jobs from the selection screen.

For example you want to download any massive data of size 20+ lakh records on application server then you can’t download by foreground, in these cases you need to go for background jobs. From selection screen of the program itself you can schedule the background job.

2)      Steps:-   

a)       In this scenario I am taking table FAGLFLEXA which is FI related table and always contains   millions of records.

Here you can see that table has 2.2 million records.

b)      Write the below code in ABAP editor and press execute.

c)       Give the File name to be downloaded on application server.




d)      In the menu bar click program.


e)      Press Execute in background. Then this dialog box appears


Give the output device and press enter.

Below dialog box appears



Press Immediate button     and then press save button  it.


f)       In the status bar you can see the message


g)      Now go to transaction code:- SM37

In this scenario job name is same as program name and execute.  

You can find the below screen shot on as screen that job is in active.

After some time you can see the status of job as finished.

Now go to AL11 ->DIR_SAPUSERS (default directory) ->File name on selection screen (here it is fagflexa).

Double click on it you can find data of Table FAGFLEXA .

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