Scheduling background jobs

By Rahul Tyagi

Objective: Scheduling a background job in SAP R/3. These document intents to provide steps which can be done even by an end user to prepare a Job.  

Main Steps:  

1.     Change screen layout of stock report as per the requirement.

2.     Create variant to run the stock report (MB52) via Job.

3.     Access transaction code SM36 to create the Job.

4.     Monitor the Job and check the spool

5.     Access SAP Business Work place to check the Spool.  

Step1: Create Screen layout

Assumption: Go to transaction MB52 and enter the value of the Plant (let’s say 1000).  


Step : Create Variant along with the layout which we have created in previous step.

Press F4 on the layout field in initial screen and then press save.  

After selecting the layout here please click on save.  

Step: Please mention the variant name as per your choice and also mention the description.

You may also mark the check box protect variant for the field plant and layout though its not mandatory.

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