How to do BDC without writing BDC program

By Vikram Chellappa, Mouri Tech Solutions

In this example, I have used the transaction VV31 (Create Output – Condition Records - Billing) to do the BDC. 

1.       Go to Transaction SHDB and click “New Recording” button.


2.       The following popup screen gets populated, there you enter the Recording name and transaction for which you wish to do the BDC (In this example it is VV31). Click “Start recording” button.


3.       In the Transaction, enter the mandatory field. In this case it is Output type (AUS1). Hit enter key.


4.       The following screen appears for more entry. Enter all the mandatory fields and click on save.  

5.       SAP will give the Recorded program as shown in the following screen shot.  

6.       Click the Export button    and save the file as word document file into the system.

7.       Now open the newly created word document file.  

8.       Select/Highlight the first field in the word document for which for which BDC needs to done. (In this case it is output type i.e. AUS1) and go to the menu path Insert à Field

9.       A new screen will get populated and there you select the “Merge Field” option from the list box and enter the Column Name (In this case the 1st column is output_type).

10.    Now you can see in the word document that the highlighted field will get replaced with the column name.



11.    Similarly you highlight the other fields for which we need to create the BDC and give the unique column names for those fields.

12.   Now you can see that all the required fields have been mapped with unique column names.

13.    Now go the menu path Tools à Letters and Mailings à Mail Merge Wizard.

14.    A mail merge wizard will gets opened in the right hand side.

15.    Now open the excel file where which you have the data to do the BDC for transaction VV31. Check that the column name in the word document is matching with the column name in the Excel file.

16.    Close the Excel File.

17.    Switch to world document and Now Click “Next: Start document” link in the bottom of Mail Merge wizard

18.   Now click on “Next: Select recipients” link

19.   Now click on “Browse” link

20.    It will open the popup for selecting the file (which is having data for BDC).

21.    Press “Open” button

22.    A new popup will get triggered.

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