BDC recording from testing client to development client

By Venkatraman N, IBM

This method would be useful, when you don’t have required datum in development client and when you have same in testing client and you want to BDC recording with that datum.  

Login to the Testing client where you will have data.

Go to transaction SHDB and press new recording.  

As an instance, here we will try to modify vendor’s postal code of his address.  So, give FK02 as the transaction code to be executed and give recording name like ‘ZRECORD’.  


Now it goes to Vendor master update screen. Opt a vendor and click the address checkbox and press enter.  


It will show the vendor’s address information.  

Now change the existing PIN code 700019 to 560076 and press save. It will take you to the recording screen.  

Now you cannot create a program with this recording information in testing client. So, import your recording information to one presentation server file. Press import button.

Give a text file name and save it in the presentation server.  

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