ABAP Test Cockpit - Checking multiple programs at a time


You would get the following report. You can observe that few more have been added to the list (in this case BREAK-POINT messages)

For a statistical view, click on the button shown below:

The Errors are now shown as below:

Expanding them would provide you more details:

To go back to previous view from statistics view, click on cross mark as shown below:

Now let us try rectifying one of the issues (lets pickup the BREAK-POINT issue). Double click on the BREAK-POINT issue of the program ZSAPDEMO:

Double click on the message. The screen with more details are shown below:

Click on "Display Object" as highlighted above.

You would be taken to the program editor. 

Remove the BREAK-POINT line from the code. Activate and return to previous screen.

To verify whether the error is now rectified or not, click on the buttons as shown below:

The following screen is displayed:

You can observe that the error is now rectified (Green Color Button) .

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