ABAP Test Cockpit - Checking multiple programs at a time

By Mavee Solutions

The purpose of tutorial is to run ATC check for multiple programs at a time.

Go to SE80 and enter your package which has few custom programs of yours: Here we have selected a package ZSAPTECHNICAL which has a couple of custom programs:

Double-click on one of the program names. The program is displayed on the right hand side.

Now from the menu, select Program -> Check -> ABAP Test Cockpit with

You would get the following screen:

Now to add more programs to the list, select the required program name (in this case ZSAPDEMO), drag and drop on the right hand side:

Now 2 programs have been added to the list. Similarly you can add multiple programs to the list. 

For this test, you can include your own Code Inspector Check Variant and do the test accordingly.

Click on "Execute Checks". You would get the following report: This shows the error name and the program it belongs to.

Now let us come back to the previous screen and now select the check box "Report Findings Exempted in Code by Pragma or Pseudo Comment:. Click on Execute Checks now.  (For more information regarding Pragma, click here)

Click here to continue...

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