ABAP Test Cockpit(ATC) - Requesting Exemptions for Messages

By Mavee Solutions

In this document, we would detail about the step-by-step procedure for raising exemptions for the messages.

For our demo purpose, let us consider the ATC report for one of the programs:

In this case, you could observe the message “Exemptions disabled by system setup”. You would get this message when the ATC settings are incomplete.

Go to transaction ATC -> ATC Administration -> Set up -> Configure ATC

Do the settings as shown above. Save the settings.

Now when you rerun the ATC for the earlier program, you would observe that Exemptions are allowed now. Click on “Apply for an Exemption”.

You would get the following screen. You can here mention whether the exemption being raised is applicable only to the specific object or at a package level. Click on Continue.

You would get the following screen.

Click on F4 on the field “Approver”.

Here only one user is maintained for the list of Approvers. Select the user. Please note that USER65 is same as of the logged on user here.

Mention the reason and also how you would like to be notified upon approval or rejection.

Click on Complete.

The error message “Four-eye principle violated” is displayed. This is because the approver and the logged on user is same.

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