ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) Administration (Settings)


Save your settings. As soon as you save the entries, the screen goes to display mode immediately.

Next important setting in the ATC is “Maintain Approvers” for Exemptions. These are the list of approvers who are authorized to approve the ATC Exemptions.

Click on Exemptions -> Maintain Approvers as shown below:  


When you execute this step, you would get the message “The list of approvers can be maintained in the master system only”. We need to maintain the Master System in the first setting “Configure ATC”.

<To show this specific message, we didn’t this setting earlier”>

Now go back to the setting “Configure ATC” and maintain the Master System. For our demo purpose, we have considered the local system (EH7 is the login system id).

Now go back to Maintain Approvers. This time you would be able to maintain the Approvers.

Enter the Approver(s) as needed.

These are the minimum settings that need to have ATC to be executed. All the other settings like Monitoring, Emailing and others can be configured as needed.

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