Displaying 3D Graphs in ABAP

By Swarna S, Tata Consultancy Services

*Simple report to create graph in ABAP
*using GRAPH_MATRIX_3D function module
*The graph shows the performance of 3 companies for the Four
*quarters of a single year
*AUTHOR : Swarna.S.
*structure declaration for performance measurement
TYPES: BEGIN OF ty_performance,
      company(15) TYPE c,
      q1 TYPE i,
      q2 TYPE i,
      q3 type i,
      q4 type i,
      END OF ty_performance.
*structure declaration for options table
types : BEGIN OF ty_opttable,
        options(30) TYPE c,
        END OF ty_opttable.
*Internal table and work area declarations
DATA: it_performance TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF ty_performance,
      wa_performance TYPE ty_performance.
DATA : it_opttable type standard table of ty_opttable,
       wa_opttable type ty_opttable.
*initialization event
*start of selection event
*clearing the work areas
CLEAR wa_opttable.
*appending values into the performance internal table
wa_performance-company = 'Company A'.
wa_performance-q1      = 78.
wa_performance-q2      = 68.
wa_performance-q3      = 79.
wa_performance-q4      = 80.
append wa_performance to it_performance.
wa_performance-company = 'Company B'.
wa_performance-q1      = 48.
wa_performance-q2      = 68.
wa_performance-q3      = 69.
wa_performance-q4      = 70.
append wa_performance to it_performance.
wa_performance-company = 'Company C'.
wa_performance-q1      = 78.
wa_performance-q2      = 48.
wa_performance-q3      = 79.
wa_performance-q4      = 85.
append wa_performance to it_performance.
*appending values into the options internal table
wa_opttable-options = 'P3TYPE = TO'.
APPEND wa_opttable TO it_opttable.
wa_opttable-options = 'P2TYPE = VB'.
APPEND wa_opttable TO it_opttable.
wa_opttable-options = 'TISIZE = 1'.
APPEND wa_opttable TO it_opttable.
*calling the graph function module
      col1      = 'Quarter 1'
      col2      = 'Quarter 2'
      col3      = 'Quarter 3'
      col4      = 'Quarter 4'
       dim1      = 'In Percentage%'
      set_focus = 'X'
      titl      = 'Company Performances'
      data      = it_performance
      opts      = it_opttable
      others    = 1.

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