Manually push an email from SAP Outbox using SOST

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India


Some times while testing some scenario which involves sending of an emails, those emails gets stuck in the SAP outbox. So we cannot complete our testing. To avoid this and complete our testing we can use the transaction code SOST and manually push the emails from SAP outbox.


Let’s see how we can achieve it by an example.

Open the SAP outbox using transaction code SBWP. Click on Outbox -> Documents and it will show the documents as follows.

Say we want to test the scenario where email is getting to our mailbox. In this case, it won’t happen.

Hence go to the transaction code SOST.

To push the select email manually. Select the line and click on “Start send process for selection” button as shown in below screenshot.

You will see the change in status from Yellow/Red to GREEN.

And a success message.

Finally, check your inbox and you must have received one email from SAP system.

These are the simple steps for manually pushing the emails from SAP outbox to our email inbox. This is very useful while testing the scenario which involves the email as a part of output.

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