Skip transaction in LSMW

By Dhanalakshmi Dhivanand

In LSMW, during CONVERT DATA step, if the Read data have any inconsistencies, the records can be skipped before sending the data to the Main Program. This will prevent the system from erroneous data upload.

Consider, if there is an erroneous entry in the flat file during Material Master Change. The record, which is wrong, could be skipped from being transacted into SAP.

In Field Mapping step, a small validation is done against MATNR field as shown in the below screenshot.  

In the above screenshot, ZSDST_KNMT is the Source structure, in which the validation is done for checking whether the Material is extended to the Sales Area passed in the Flat file.

If the Validation fails, using SKIP_TRANSACTION statement, the record will be removed from Conversion during CONVERT DATA step.

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