Tips on Patch installation

by Chandra

Patches shouldn't be directly applied on the production system (PRD). We first need to apply it on the development (DEV) system and test the same.

Whenever there are patches available for installation, Please make sure that:

  • Whenever you are applying ABAP and BASIS patches, it is recommended to have one version less than the latest.
  • After you apply these patches, plan for your kernel upgrade which will work better in sync with the new BASIS and ABAP patches.
  • Also, need to check for any SAPGUI patch available, otherwise dumps might error.
  • ABAP+BASIS+Kernel+SAPGUI should be planned together and to be implemented together.

When applying Application Patches, we need to be very careful. This might affect the total functionality and your business process may get affected. Specially when you have modified many SAP objects to suit your business.

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