How to increase maximum number of SAP sessions per user?

By Rahul Manoj Mahajan, John Deere India

Important Note: This document does not recommend to changing the defaults settings and hence not responsible for further consequences occurred due to change in default settings. Please confirm with your BASIS team before making any change in settings.

As most of us know that there is a limit on the number of SAP sessions per user. The limit for this is of 6 sessions per user.

When user tries to open more than 6 sessions he/she gets the following message.

If we want to increase the maximum number of sessions per user, we can follow the following steps.

Go to Transaction code RZ10.

Enter the appropriate Profile name and Version using F4 help and click on extended maintenance and click on Display. It will open the following screen.

Click on Change mode so that you can make the change in number of sessions.

Check if there is any parameter rdisp/max_alt_modes. If not, click on Add parameter and change the number of sessions. Else, Click on Change and change the number of sessions.

In my case, I am creating new parameter and hence when I click on New Parameter following screen will appear.

Enter the maximum number of sessions which you want to set for a particular SAP system for a given user. Click on Copy and we can notice that standard value will automatically come as 6.

After that One Pop up message will come up as shown in above screenshot. Click on Yes and then restart the system. This is very important else changes may not be effectively applied on your system.

Finally, check if it’s working by opening more than 6 sessions and you will be able to open more than 6 sessions.

In this way we can change the maximum number of sessions.

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