• Getting the list of active users logged on to the system with terminal and other details (More details)
  • Change system time zone (More details)
  • Differences between the transactions SE09 and SE10 (More details)
  • Do we need to really log-out and log-in again to make authorization changes effective? (More details)  
  • List of transactions executed by a user in a specific period of time (More details) 
  • Downloading SAP Pre-configured Smart Forms (More details)  
  • Generating Solution Manager Key (More details)
  • Setting up SAP idle session time out (More details)
  • Downloading .sca files (,, (More details)
  • Understanding the clients 000, 001 and 066 (More details)
  • Understanding Background Job Processing (More details)
  • Tips on Patches installation (More details)
  • Verifying whether a system is Unicode or non-Unicode (More details)
  • BAPI to change the password of a User (More details)
  • Restricting the user sessions to 3 or any other number (More details)  
  • Transporting table entries from one server to another (More details)
  • How to detect whether a system is of Production/Test/Development client programmatically? (More details)
  • Password downward compatibility (More details)
  • How to get HARDWARE KEY for SAP License in Solaris / UNIX /Windows) (More details
  • Adding multiple server instances in single MMC (More details) NEW
  • Including all objects of a package in the transport request (More details) NEW
  • How to increase maximum number of SAP sessions per user? (More details) NEW

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