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Set Start Transaction after SAP Logon

By Kamesh, Infosys


Once you logon to the SAP system, the initial screen will be displayed. If you would like to display your own transaction or SAP Standard transactions then you go for “Set Start Transaction”


If you are frequently using one transaction, in that case you can set a start transaction. So that you should not enter the transaction code always from SAP Easy Access Screen (i.e. Initial screen)

Step 1:

Log on to the SAP system.

The initial Screen will be displayed.

Step 2:

Go to menu bar, Extras.

Under Extras select “Set start transaction”.

Step 3:

Popup will be displayed as below. Enter the transaction code to which you want to set as start transaction

Here I entered as SE38 as start transaction

Choose Enter or Continue  button.

Message will be displayed at the bottom of the screen saying that “SE38 is set as start transaction”

Step 4:

Now Logoff SAP system to effect the changes of start transaction and login it again.

Once you logon to SAP System, Instead of SAP Easy access Initial screen, it will directly display the SE38 Transaction screen which we set as Start Transaction in our earlier step.

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