How to restrict other users from editing a program or function module?

By Jayshree Santosh Mahajan, Cognizant


We can restrict other users from editing our programs/FMs with the help of editor lock. The editor lock prevents other users from making changes to the program. This includes attributes, documentation and text elements, as well as the functions "Rename" and "Delete".
This will be helpful for the crucial reports.

Here are the simple steps.


1.       Go to the transaction SE38, enter program name, select “Attributes” radio button and click on change.

2.       Check the check box “Editor Lock” as below and click on save.

3.       Below message will appear at the status bar. Activate the report.


Try to edit this report with someone else’s log in.

The report will be displayed in “Display”mode and below message will appear at the status bar.

Similarly, we can lock the function module with the help of edit lock.

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